203 New Tweed Parking Spaces OK'd


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Oct 09, 2023

203 New Tweed Parking Spaces OK'd

There are 15 New Haven & East Haven residents appointed as members on the Tweed

There are 15 New Haven & East Haven residents appointed as members on the Tweed Airport Authority. Per the Municipal Code of Ordinances: "The authority shall have the following powers and duties and may exercise such powers in its own name: (1) To manage, maintain, supervise and operate Tweed-New Haven Airport; (2) do all things necessary to maintain working relationships with the state, municipalities and persons, and conduct the business of a regional airport, in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations; (3) to charge reasonable fees for the services it performs and modify, reduce or increase such fees, provided fees shall apply uniformly to all airport users; (4) to enter into contracts, leases and agreements for goods and equipment and for services with airlines, concessions, counsel, engineers, architects, private consultants and advisors; (5) to contract for the construction, reconstruction, enlargement or alteration of airport projects with private persons and firms in accordance with such terms and conditions as the authority shall determine; (6) to make plans and studies in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration or other state or federal agencies; (7) to apply for and receive grant funds for airport purposes; (8) to plan and enter into contracts with municipalities, the state, businesses and other entities to finance the operations and debt of the airport, including compensation to the host municipalities of New Haven and East Haven for the use of the land occupied by the airport; (9) to borrow funds for airport purposes for such consideration and upon such terms as the authority may determine to be reasonable; … ".Do residents ever attend those board meetings and ask questions about the undertakings of the airport? Some things are not under City Plan's authority.

Hill Resident