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Apr 20, 2023

The Best Golf Rain Gear for When You Simply Must Go Play

"Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through

"Hearst Magazines and Yahoo may earn commission or revenue on some items through these links."

I can still feel the fear sitting in the passenger's seat of my dad's car, on the way to play golf while the windshield wipers bang back and forth. Growing up, if we had a tee time, we were sticking to it, mostly because of my dad's old adage "It never really rains on the golf course," an optimistic phrase that reminded us that even a rainy day golfing beat a sunny day working or going to school. We were also sticking to it because we always had the right rain gear.

For as many photos as you see of people enjoying hot blistery summer days on the golf course, those of us that love the game know we've played equally as many rounds in the middle of a squall. You need more than mental fortitude for this. You need waterproof layers. You need headwear and footwear with extra protection. And you don't want to look like a doofus doing it.

Consider the below your starter pack for such endeavors. With the right jacket, pants, hat, shoes, socks and more, the forecast can become but a formality in your weekend golf plans. And yes, the best stuff really works. But our favorites also look good, too, so you can rest assured that a rainy run to the grocery store will look as good as a striped drive right down the middle of the fairway amid high winds and sideways storms.

Zero Restriction makes some of the best-looking, highest performing rain-ready gear in golf. We love the Power Torque Full Zip because it's as effective as it is lightweight. Go for the pop of red, but there are plenty of colors.

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Power Torque Full Zip


The best golf rain pants are packable—like these from Zero Restriction that you can keep in your bag at all times in case the clouds start rolling through.

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Packable Pants


If you're gonna dress for the rain, why not do it with intention. This is one-half of the best-looking full rain kit you can swing in.

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2.5L Waterproof Shirt


And to round it out, a matching set of waterproof bottoms. Did we mention Manors hails from the U.K. where the weather requires pants like this... a lot?

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2.5L Waterproof Bottom


If you're looking to beat the precipitation in pants that look like your favorite jeans, Peter Millar makes this pair that don't look rain-ready, but they are.

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Crown Sport Laddie Rain Pants


Put simply, Rains makes stuff for one reason—to keep you dry. Keep this hat stashed in your back and watch your soppy-headed friends struggle while you finish the round in style.

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Every golfer should have an umbrella stashed in their bag for obvious reasons. This one from Callaway will get the job done right, and comes in plenty of colors to match your bag.

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Shield Umbrella


When the grip starts slipping, so do the scores. Stash these Footjoy rain gloves in your bag and you won't lose a step—or a club—in wet conditions.

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FootJoy WinterSof Gloves


The Darth Vader of golf boots pack a punch, too. A zippered enclosure ensures everything stays just as you need it to—dry.

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Stormwalker XT Shoes


Even if you've got the right shoes (see above), backing yourself up with some waterproof socks will guarantee zero bad moods.

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Crosspoint Victory Waterproof Socks


Sometimes the golf cart has a rain hood, and sometimes you have one in your golf bag, so it doesn't matter. This handy device slides into your bag just like a club. When it rains, pop it open to protect your precious metals while you hit.

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Golf Bag Umbrella


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